There are many advantages to creating branded short links. At first glance, branded links are short links that feature your brand name or an important keyword. Sharing branded links increases link trust, brand visibility, improves SEO which can increase click-through rates by up to 39%.

Creating branded links also builds brand awareness and recognition as people and potential business partners associate your content with a certain branded short link – even if that link actually leads to content by a third party.

There are lots of reasons to share branded links over generic short URLs. If you want to learn more about the major differences of creating branded short links, and generic short links, check out this quick videoes on Youtube.

Trackable – Why only track links directed back to your site in Google Analytics? Start tracking your audience from their first interaction with your brand. Get real-time individual and aggregated link data and a built-in UTM builder.

Manage links and create a strategy around them – Don’t let links be the low hanging fruit of your marketing strategy. When you understand what types of content, your audience finds most engaging (on social media for example) you’re able to update and maintain your link management strategy.

Get more advanced features – From the ability to edit the destination of the URL even after it’s live, to be able to add a retargeting pixel to your links to attract more top of funnel visitors.

Save time through integrations It’s difficult to learn and train your team on how to use a new product. Rebrandly integrates with some of the most popular websites and offers extensions and apps for easy rebranding.

And finally – your brand is on your links! – This should be standard, but many of us have become so accustomed to shortening with a generic shortener and the links taking their brand name. But, this is the most important point of using branded links. Not only is your brand name on your links, but – you also own every link. When using generic short URLs – you’re sharing the domain name (say with anyone else using that shortener. Meaning that your links could be associated with spam.

Unfortunately, not all URL shortening services make it easy or even possible to create a custom link when shortening a URL. TinyURL, for instance, does not allow users to create a customized short link., one of the most popular URL shorteners, does allow users to create branded links. But it is not the core of their product offering, or what they are focused on.

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Did you know that anytime you share your link or link to a piece of content…

You are leaving money on the table if you ignore this post because you could shorten links and earn money.
Paid link shorteners are overlooked by many but I’m going to show you how I use them to make extra money with my sites and put them all to the test once and for all.

What You Will Learn

  • What link shorteners are and why to use them
  • How paid shorteners work
  • How to shorten links and earn money
  • Which shortener is the most profitable
  • And how much money you can make
  • Most websites make money through things like selling ad space, affiliate products or their own digital products and so on.

Some monetization methods are more or less passive, some require ongoing work, some seem to suit a particular website well, others not so much.

Creative website owners can combine a variety of methods and use them simultaneously. You have to test a combination of strategies to see what works best for you.

But today I’m going to explain a new layer with paid link shorteners and the results of my own tests –  the shorteners that are the most profitable.

So read on if you would like to add another great weapon of choice to your website monetization arsenal!

An Introduction to Link Shorteners

A Link Shortener is a website or application that turns long links into short ones, that redirect to the long link.

Here is an example of a long URL which points to the Amazon store-

and here is its short version:

The short version just redirects you to the long version – which makes for easier sharing especially on social networks like Twitter.

Using a link shortener is very easy. Just paste in the URL you want to shorten, click go and you are done.

Why Use A Link Shortener?

  • Save space and “beautify” links. Short links look better and are more user friendly. For some types of communications like text messages or Twitter posting it’s crucial to keep links short to leave room for a message (as you probably know a tweet is 140 characters long)
  • Tracking & statistics. Some shorteners give statistics about clicks, impressions and a range of other trackable data.
  • Hide a target URL. When you see a shortened URL, you don’t know where you will land after you click it. So, some people use this to disguise the target URL. 

And finally, Ladies and Gentlemen:

  • Making money. You can earn money each time a short link is clicked.



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 In this article, I am going to talk to you about Best URL Shortener Websites To Make Easy Money Online.

You heard it right. It is really an easy way to fill your pockets.

Since the onset of the internet era, URLs play a major role in sharing web pages with peers.

Moreover, in the ever-evolving internet age, sites like Twitter and other major social websites demand tiny URLs. In order to show up the walls in a more beautiful and user-friendly way.

Therefore, taking this as an advantage, URL shortener services started popping up with an intention to make more money.

Sounds to be great business prospects. And probably you too are thinking of jumping in.

I can sense it, you know.

Furthermore, URL shortening websites enable you to earn money when you utilize them to shorten any long URLs.

I mean, keeping it short and sweet.

One good thing about URL shortener is that you need not own a blog or a website in order to execute your work.

Also, sharing or posting interesting URLs, using URL shortener, on social media platforms, blogs, community websites is the best way to make money online.

  • Bitly for the best all-round URL shortener
  • Rebrandly for creating branded links
  • Polr for a minimal self-hosted URL shortener
  • TinyURL for fast and anonymous short URLs
  • BL.INK for small business owners
  • Hyperlink for tracking links via push notifications
  • T2M for creating QR codes and short URLs together
  • URL Smally by  for automatically creating links


What makes a great URL shortener?

URL shorteners make sharing long links more manageable. Say you want to provide a link on a business card, in an advertisement, or in another situation where hyperlinking isn't ideal. A shortened URL takes up less space, is more memorable and keeps your text tidy.

Another use case for shortened URLs is to create variations of a single link so you can easily track source traffic. For example, you might create one short URL to use on Twitter, a different one for Facebook, and a third to be used in an email newsletter.

Many URL shortening services offer comprehensive tracking tools that allow you to see who is clicking your link, where in the world they are located, and what language they speak. You can use this information to discern click-through rates, which browser your audience prefers, and what devices your content is accessed from. Some services even allow you to bring your own custom domain name for creating your own branded service.

There are many free URL shorteners. And most URL shorteners have a free tier of service, but you often have to pay for added features, such as metrics and customization. The URL shortening services that made the cut for this list are reliable and easy to use, and each one stands out as the “best” for a special reason.

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